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Inflammation of the external ear (otitis externa) is a very common ailment in dogs.  Often there is an infection present. Even though there are many underlying causes of otitis, most cases respond quickly to treatment especially if the initiating cause is addressed. The sooner we see the pet with otitis, the easier the treatment may be. Once your dog exhibits symptoms of otitis, please give us a call.
Once your dog’s condition is diagnosed, your veterinarian will prescribe appropriate medication, and your dog will need a follow-up exam in 14 days. Although the symptoms may disappear during the treatment, the disease may persist. Most infections need medication for at least 7-14 days after the infection has been resolved. An otoscopic examination is the only way to be sure the ear problem is gone. If the Otitis recurs or becomes chronic, further testing or procedures may be needed (allergy testing, dietary restrictions, etc). 

Symptoms of otitis include:

  • Odor or discharge from the ear
  • Scratching or shaking of the head or ears
  • Soreness of the ear canal
  • Swelling of the ear flap


Causes of Otitis:

Otitis has many initiating causes such as allergies, ear mites, foreign bodies, hormone imbalances, conformation of ear (floppy ears), excessive wax, polyps/tumors in ears, bathing/swimming. Yeast or bacterial infection will complicate otitis; however, these germs do not start an ear problem. When we treat Otitis we need to get rid of the infection as well as try to assess the underlying cause to prevent infections in the future.

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